Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Qur'an Reading Has Begun!

We have embarked on our quest to read the Qur'an. On the sidebar are some introductory links.

For January, please read The Opening and The Cow.

I am going to produce some quizzes and a synopsis for each reading. I will have January's synopsis and quiz up shortly.

This will be fun (that is how it is intended anyway) and a learning experience for me. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

There is an on-line translation by Yusuf Ali to which you can link from the sidebar. This translation and other great resources can be found at

You can also find other on-line translations at this site maintained by the University of Southern California.

Also, a couple of different folks have recommended Michael Sells'
Approaching the Qur'an. I have purchased the translation by Tarif Khalidi and am off to the bookstore to check out some others. I would guess that it is good to have more than one translation handy.

You can request a free copy of the Qur'an here.


  1. Yusuf Ali translations also come with a "tafsir" or commentary of the verses. (translations are also referred to as tafsir because bias of the translator can come through)

  2. Thanks Kat. Are there other tafsir that you might recommend?

  3. Not sure if I would recommend it, but Mohammed Asad's commentary might offer a different/interesting perspective. Because he converted from Judaism, some might feel his interpretations could be a bit harsh in some areas. (He comes from a scholarly family of rabbi's----I think.)